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Emergency Department

One can’t plan for emergencies – but our staff at Al-Bustan Hospital Emergency Department is prepared every hour of each day. Ready 24 hours, to attend to people with unexpected illness and injury.

The Emergency Department at Al-Bustan is open at all times ,all around the year, and is properly equipped to treat all injuries and conditions, whether minor, serious or life threatening. The staff at our Emergency Department, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, technicians and other related staff are specially trained in emergency procedures and medicine. Our emergency medicine staff is highly experienced and is equipped to handle both routine and complex cases quickly and effectively with compassion while maintaining the exemplary level of care. Be it major trauma or minor lacerations, bruises or bumps it is of prime importance that when patients arrive in our emergency department they are attended to without delay and are provided efficient care in a comfortable and healing manner.

Al Bustan Hospital

Al Bustan Specialty Hospital is the pinnacle of thoughtful architecture combined with warm hospitality and healing care. We are committed to creating caring experiences for every person, every time, and strive to make our guests feel truly healed and restored during their visit to our hospital.


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